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This lightness of touch towards what can for some feel like a very oppressive issue is a  cornerstone of how Transmission Arts Project has continued since. The relationship between the experience of inclusion and marginalisation was to have been explored at a Transmission installation at Open Eye gallery but was sadly a casualty of the covid pandemic. The relationship with Open Eye continued however and Transmission delivered our first online workshop into the representation of gender in art, with emphasis on how transgender people access art. This was followed by an essay on the Open Eye blog & further workshops for COoL and Liverpool  Samaritans, on access & the transgender experience.  
The newest project Transmission is working on is our Ports In A Storm initiative. Ports In A Storm builds on the experiences of these engagements and the increasingly self-evident fundamental first hurdle for marginalised people - that of leaving the house! Ports In A Storm as the name suggests is concerned with the logistics of providing guidance to safe spaces, for those of us who face difficulties traversing the public world. The initial Ports In A Storm engagement is with  Liverpool Light Night, where we will be providing a walking tour on the night itself & a zoom event connecting the Liverpool arts and transgender communities, a few days prior.